How do I Settle Transactions?

If you have processed a transaction as authorized only, you will need to settle / capture the transaction. If the transaction is not captured within 14 days, the authorization will fall away and the transaction would have to be reprocessed.

How to Settle a Transaction 

  1. Go to “Products” tab and click “Payment Gateway”.
  2. In the left hand column click “Manage Transactions”.
  3. Underneath “Manage Transactions” click “Settle Transaction”.
  4. Choose your date selection that the original transaction took place
  5. Refine your search (optional)
    1. Application - This is the URL or website that you want to run your search on.
    2. Card Type – This is MasterCard , visa, amex or diners
    3. Transaction Mode – This is test mode (test transactions) or live mode (live transactions)
    4. Advanced Search - This can be used if you want to search by transaction reference, merchant reference, and rand amount or card holder name.
  6. Once you refined your search click the “Search Button”.
  7. Once you have identified the transaction/s that you want to capture, “tick” the box next to that transaction.
  8. Click the “Process” button to capture the transaction.
  9. This Transaction will be sent to the bank for settlement. 

Illustration: Settle / Capture Transaction

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