Why am I receiving an account blocked message returned after processing a debit order?

When the account is blocked it could be due to one of two reasons:

  • The account holder went into the bank and put a 'No authority' to debit on the account.
  • The debit failed on two consecutive occasions.

You can unblock accounts, however there is a nominal charge per account that is unblocked.

For a list of current Debit Order pricing please see here.

To unblock account numbers do the following:

  • Log into your MyGate Web Console.
  • Click on Collections.
  • Click on Reports.
  • Click on Blocked Account Numbers.
  • Under Application select your Debit Order Application.
  • Under Search Type, enter the Account Number and then click Search.
  • Tick the Delete Box next to the Account Number that you want to delete and then click on Proceed.
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