How do I load a new Debit Order client on the MyGate web console for MyGate Web?

Follow the below steps to add a clients bank account details in order to run debit orders off the account:

  • Log in to your MyGate web console:
  • Click on Products and then select Debit Orders
  • Click on Manage Transactions then MyGate Web followed by Manage Clients
  • Select your Debit Order application and then click on Add New
  • Complete all the fields that contain an asterix as these are mandatory fields
  • After entering the bank account details at the bottom of the page a pop up box will appear and it will ask you if you want to verify the bank account details. If you don't wish to verify the bank account details then untick the box as a nominal verification charge applies.
  • Click on the Collections details tab
  • Tick the Activate Recurring box
  • Enter the amount
  • Enter the statement reference
  • Leave the recurring period on indefinitely if required
  • Select the Collections Class
  • Select the Collections Frequency
  • Select the Collections Date and then click Save
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