What is My Enterprise?

MyGate’s Enterprise payment solution range allows merchants to remain in complete control over the entire payment process.

The cardholder is never required to leave the merchants environment. 

Enterprise is a high performance TCP/IP payment solution that resides on the merchants server.

You can build your own API and use a web service to access the MyGate server.

The transaction details of the transactions are passed to the MyGate Payment Gateway from your website using web services.

This is an efficient method of ensuring that any payment page is neatly under the control of an organisations website or application and an excellent way to micromanage even the smallest of details. When combined with SSL, a secure platform emerges which can be designed to work proficiently with your payment processing requirements.

My Enterprise Overview

  • Merchant can host their own payment page
  • Applications can integrate directly
  • The merchant is required to install SSL
  • The merchant controls each and every phase of the transaction
  • Can be used for e-commerce, mobile commerce, MOTO and recurring payments.


For further information about My Enterprise please see the attached PDF or contact our sales team.

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