How do I manage My Terminal transactions?

My Terminal is used when you want process a manual transaction.  The fields that you configured in Settings / My Terminal will be displayed in the My Terminal Screen.

How to Process a My Terminal Transaction:

  1.  Go to “Products” tab and click “Payment Gateway”.
  2. In the left hand column click “Manage Transactions”.
  3. Underneath “Manage Transactions” click “My Terminal”.
  4. Select the “application” in the drop down box that you want to process a transaction against.
  5. Select the Transaction Type that you want to process.
    1. Authorize and Settle – Choosing this transaction type will authorize and settle the transaction immediately.
    2. Authorize Only – Choosing this transaction type will authorize the transaction only. You will be required settle the transaction in the Settle Transaction Menu under Manage Transactions.

Illustration: My Terminal Screen Shot

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