How do I use the Fraud Report?

Credit Card Reporting / Fraud Report

In this section you will be able to pull a fraud report showing you all the transactions that have been flagged or failed due to potential fraud according to your fraud configuration.

Note: The My Terminal Solution does not use the Fraud Module so no reporting will be available for this solution / application.

How to use the Fraud Report:

  1.  Choose your date selection
  2. Refine your search (optional)
    1. Application - This is the URL or website that you want to run your search on.
    2. Fraud Type - These are the Fraud Options.
  3. Once you refined your search click the “Search” Button.

Illustration: Fraud Search Screen

Illustration: Fraud Report

Fraud Report View

From the Fraud Report screen you can click on the “view” icon to see additional transactional information related to that specific transaction.

Additional Fraud Information:

  • In-depth Transaction Detail
  • Fraud Alert Detail
  • Fraud Description
  • Reason
  • Merchant Action

Credit Card Reporting / Bank Recon Report

Bank Recon report is used to match the transactions settled to your account by the bank to the transactions processed through MyGate.

A banks batch period does not work on a 24 hour clock so the time period for the bank recon is matched to the banks batch period.

How to Use the Bank Recon Report

  1.  Choose the date period in which you want to view transactions.
  2. You can drill down into a specific day to view individual transactions that make up the summary of that batch.

 Illustration: Bank Recon Search Result

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