What are the requirements for Immediate vs. Delayed or Deferred Settlement


  • Visa, MasterCard, Diners and Amex require that all transactions are settled by the merchant as soon as you have dispatched/shipped your client’s purchase.
  • By default you will be configured for delayed settlement and will be required to log into the MyGate Web Console to manually settle the transaction.
  • The exception to using deferred settlement is if your product or service is delivered in real time, for example a booking service, a music download or similar. In these cases the settlement will be settled immediately.

If your online product falls into the ‘real time delivery’ category, please advise us as this requires additional configuration from MyGate. The onus is on you to do this, otherwise you will be on ‘delayed settlement’ by default.

Note: Automatic settlement does however carry a higher risk than immediate settlement.

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