How to Use the Transaction Report?

How to Find Credit Card Reporting: 

  1. Go to “Products” tab and click “Payment Gateway”.
  2. In the left hand column click “Credit Card Reporting”.

Credit Card Reporting / Transaction Report

In this section you will be able to view a transaction report showing you all the transactions that occurred within a date period specified.

How to Use the Transaction Report

  1.  Choose your date selection
  2. Refine your search (optional)
    1. Application - This is the URL or website that you want to run your search on.
    2. Transaction Status - This is the current status that the transaction is in.
    3. Card Type – This can be MasterCard , visa, amex or diners
    4. Transaction Mode – This is test mode (test transactions) or live mode (live transactions)
    5. Advanced Search - This can be used if you want to search by transaction reference, merchant reference, and rand amount or card holder name.
  3. Once you refined your search click the “Search Button”.

 Illustration: Credit Card Search Screen

 Illustration: Credit Card Transaction Report Search Result

Transaction View

From the transaction result screen you can click on the “view” icon to see additional transactional information related to that specific transaction.

Additional Transactional Information:

  • Transaction Details
    • Transaction Reference – This is the unique Transaction Reference MyGate creates for every transaction
    • Hashed Card Number – The first 6 and last four digits of the card. (eg. 434179******0062)
    • Issuing Country – The country in which the card is issued
    • IP Origin – The country of where IP Address comes from.
      • Note: This only applies to merchants using My Virtual
    • 3D Secure Detail
      • Electronic Commerce Indicator
      • Transaction Status
    • Sub Transaction Detail
      • All transactional history related to that transaction. (eg. Authorize, Settle, Refunded)

Transaction Receipt

From the transaction view screen you can click on the “Receipt” button on the bottom right hand side of the page.  This will provide you with a summarized version of the transaction including your company details that can be used to email the cardholder.  To email the receipt, click on the email icon at the top right hand of the screen.

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