What do the various Web console Transaction Statuses mean?

Transaction Statuses

The below transaction statuses can be displayed in the web console and represent the transaction state during the 3D Secure process.

It is important to note that if you are using MyGate’s old version of the 3D Secure API that the API does not have card holder name or merchant reference fields in the API and therefore if the transaction does not proceed for authorization then when viewing the transaction in the MyGate Web Console in an authenticate failed, authenticate required, authentication unavailable or authenticate successful transaction status that the card holder name and merchant reference will not appear. This will only appear if you have processed an authorization as these details are include in the authorization message or if you are using the latest 3D Secure API as these fields can be included in the new 3D Secure API.


  • Authenticate Failed
  • An “authenticate fail” status will be displayed when the card holder has entered the incorrect password on the banks ACS page. The transaction cannot proceed for authorization as the incorrect password was entered. Often the bank will allow the card holder to attempt up to 3 times before closing the user’s session and forwarding the result to the merchant.
  • Authenticate Required
  • An “authenticate required” status will be displayed when the card holder has been redirected to the ACS page and must enter their password. In the event that the card holder never enters their password or closes the browser session, the transaction status will always remain in an authenticate required state.
  • Authentication Unavailable
  • An “authentication unavailable” status will be displayed when a transaction be processed to the 3DSecure Authenticate (Action 15) and the response was unsuccessful. This can either be because the banks 3DSecure Authenticate service was unavailable, there was an intermittent issue within the global 3D Secure network or request message to MyGate was not correct.
  • Authenticate Successful
  • An “authenticate required” status will be displayed when the card holder has successfully entered their password and the Parespayload has been successfully authenticated. Once the transaction is submitted for authorization or sale, the transaction status will be updated.





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